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Mixing Poly-Crete Color-Fast

July 25, 2018

When mixing Poly-Crete Color-Fast it is important to combine the parts in the correct order, and to use the proper tools.

Begin by combining the resin and aggregate together and mix for 45 seconds to allow the cement component to hydrate. Using a Jiffler or dispersion blade with a high speed drill will help disperse and hydrate the cement aggregate more evenly than a spiral or square mixing blade.

Once the cement aggregate mixing is complete, introduce the hardener and mix for another 45 seconds.

If you do not mix the aggregate with the resin as a first step, the hardener will react with the resin before the aggregate is able to properly hydrate.

This may result in blotchy stains in the Color-Fast topcoat. The floor would cure and appear uniform until the floor is cleaned, and show signs of staining only after the first cleaning. If the cement aggregate was not properly hydrated in the mixing procedure, it then hydrates when water is introduced to the floor (normally the first cleaning.)  These irregular stains cannot be removed.

Using the proper mixing procedure and technique prevents this from occurring, resulting in a uniform high quality coating.

Rob Pacheco Jr.
Technical Manager – Northeast

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