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Product Storage & Shelf Life

April 6, 2021

Before storing any Dur-A-Flex products, be sure to take the following into consideration:

Lot Numbers

As a rule of thumb, all Dur-A-Flex Epoxy products should be used within a year of the lot number. Urethanes, MMAs, Accelera, and Poly-Crete Aggregates should be used within 6 months of this number.

  • Lot numbers are the 6 or 7 digit code in the bottom left hand corner of every product label. These numbers tell you when the material was produced.
  • The numbers read left to right: YEAR – MONTH – DAY – BATCH #
  • An example would be; 191223-1 = December 23, 2019 – Batch 1

Storage Environment

Store materials between 60 – 80°F and 25 – 75% RH.

  • NEVER allow materials to freeze or get too hot.
  • NEVER store materials in direct sunlight.
storage temp

Sealed Packaging

  • Moisture driven products (like Armor-Top and Accelera) should be unopened.
  • Aggregates need to remain dry. Our aggregate bags are perforated and may still allow moisture in. Be sure they are stored in a dry location.

Check the materials before sending them to the jobsite.

The material itself should have the same viscosity and physical appearance as it did when the product was received. Mix with a stir stick to check for any settling or separation.

Be mindful of any hardpack with pigmented materials. Hardpack will not always break up and get back into suspension. Don’t use this material if you cannot fully integrate the mix.

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