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Site Surveys for Success

April 1, 2022

Using the Dur-A-Flex Area Site Survey is an excellent way to prepare for success. Walk a jobsite and log details that can impact the system chosen, jobsite responsibilities, required labor and materials, and other key considerations for quoting a project.

 Area Site Survey

Sections include:

Customer’s Operations

Log details regarding the operations in this area. Is the floor dry, wet, oily, etc.? What is the temperature of the area and the surface? Can it be adjusted?

Spillages / Cleaning Procedures

Log any known spilled chemicals and how they are treated. Describe how spills occur (overflow, leaky pipe, etc.) and how often and what the normal cleaning procedures.

Traffic Conditions

Note the types of traffic, max load, etc. Does existing surface show signs of excessive wear due to traffic?


Describe the condition of the concrete in detail. Age, thickness, cracks, deterioration, etc. Are there drains, if so what type, how many and it the floor pitched to drains?


Note whether the concrete was ever resurfaced, coated or had another topping and what type of material was used and how it will be removed or prepared etc.


Take detailed notes on types of joints and how they will be treated.

Wall Surface

Take detailed notes on the walls. Questions include: What is the existing surface? Has the wall ever been coated? What type coating? and more.

Recommended Solutions

Use this section to include details for recommended flooring, and wall systems and cove base and more.

Installation Considerations

This section asks a variety of questions regarding installation including: Total time needed to complete installation? Can crew reach under machinery, tanks, etc? Is lighting temporary or finished? Who will be responsible for floor protection (damage from other trades, etc.) after installation?

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