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The Importance of Using a Loop Roller with Poly-Crete SL

May 6, 2019

In order to eliminate the squeegee lines left behind during a Poly-Crete SL installation, a loop roller must be used.

The roller must be worked back and forth several times over a single area, or else the squeegee lines will show up through the broadcast and be visible in the final topcoat. The function of the loop roller is to massage the aggregate level and bring the resin to the surface. This is why a single pass is not enough.

Be sure to watch out for overspray, as the loop roller will fling resin against walls, coves, yourself and anything else nearby! The Poly-Crete SL liquid will stick to anything and everything and is difficult to remove without damage once it’s cured. If you don’t want it to be coated, be sure to protect it.

If the loop rolling process is done correctly, a single broadcast can be achieved.

Rob Pacheco Jr.
Technical Manager – Northeast

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