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Tips for Accepting Deliveries

March 5, 2021

Before signing for the delivery, you should inspect for damage. Many carriers consider a signature as proof of delivery and also proof that it was delivered without issue.

Seal tape
  • If you notice our security tape is broken, compromised or missing, please call the Customer Service Team immediately to report potential damage. 
  • Review the shrink-wrap to ensure it is still intact. If broken, look at the items on the skid for puncture marks or other damage.

Note any issues or concerns on the delivery receipt / waybill before signing, and consider taking pictures of these concerns with your mobile device.

Alert the driver to the discrepancies and call our Customer Service Team: 877.831.8118.

Our team will work with you to ensure we can quickly mitigate the issue and keep your job schedule on time. Having these issues documented will help us resolve it even faster.   

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