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3 Tips for Installing Vent-E

May 3, 2023

Vent-E is a breathable epoxy coating designed for use on concrete floors with high moisture and salts. This water-based product is easy to install and following these important directions will ensure you get the best possible finished product.

  • Do not dilute with water – VENT-E should never be diluted with water as it will impact curing and cause the pigment to separate.
  • Only use a Jiffler type mixing blade – A jiffler type mixing blade is the only type of blade that will create a strong enough vortex to properly mix Vent-E. If a different type of blade is used, you will most likely get “cheetah spotting” which is when the pigment separates and results in splotches on the floor.
  • Relative Ambient Humidity is important – Relative Ambient Humidity plays an important role in the cure time of water-based coatings. Water-based coatings cure through evaporation. Humidity in the air directly impacts the time it takes for water to evaporate. The higher the humidity in the air, the longer it will take the water to evaporate and for the coating to cure.

    The recommended maximum relative ambient humidity for installing VENT-E is 75%.

    If you find yourself installing in a high humidity environment, try to maximize air flow through the space as this will help the coating to cure quicker.   

Remember to carefully read the full Application Instructions for Vent-E several days prior to starting your work. Seek answers to any questions you may have before you begin.

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