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Tips for ReFLEXions

June 1, 2018

ReFLEXions floors are one of the toughest floors to minimize general contamination from being visible in the finished floor, especially with a high gloss finish. By contamination we are referring to dust, debris, lint, and anything left behind from the general work environment and application process. Contamination such as sand and dust can cause fisheyes in the basecoat in addition to affecting the overall appearance of the finished floor. NOTE: in many instances (not all) the fisheyes seen in a ReFLEXions floor are actually the ReFLEXions pigment “pushing away” from the contamination that is in the epoxy.

There are two ways to deal with contamination:

  1. Reduce the actual level of contaminants in the base-coat and top-coat and
  2. Reduce the gloss level of the topcoat to minimize the appearance of contaminants.

Let’s look at these individually below:

Reducing contamination during application can be a very involved and time consuming process. Consider this quick list of options:

Shut down or block off vents/blowers during the application and curing process. Create containment by blocking off doorways, etc. & keep all trades out of the area and off the floor. Wipe down the floor & walls 2-3 times prior to application. Wiping the walls 3’-4’ high can greatly reduce debris, especially in new construction. Wear clean clothes or use Tyvek™ type suits and wear new or clean spiked shoes. Clean the all walk areas outside of the application area including the mix area – use new pails. Have a dedicated pail runner/pour person stay inside the application area to avoid tracking debris. Clean/wipe poles, frames, squeegees and any tools that may have debris that can fall off onto the floor. Use high quality lint free roller covers and de-lint them multiple times prior to application.

To help minimize the appearance of surface contamination use Armor Top Satin. The Satin finish will help “hide” dust, debris, etc.

Also, adding 1 ounce of Dur-A-Grip additive will reduce satin appearance even further while increasing slip resistance. The use of Armor Top Grit for this application is not recommended as roller lines may develop and be visible in the finished floor.

Bart Rinaldi
Technical Manager – South

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