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Tips on Ordering Floor Samples

April 10, 2020

Dur-A-Flex samples are used in various ways including submittals, managing customer expectations, and for signoffs on color, texture, finish etc.  Here are some tips on ordering resinous flooring samples.

Ordering Standard Samples:

  1. Using our standard color charts, decide which colors, finishes, and textures are desired (Same Day Shipment)
  2. Order stock 3×3 samples based on those criteria- narrow choices to 1 or 2 options (Same Day shipment)
  3. Order a custom 6×6 or 12×12 sample based on selection (35 days to make sample depending on the chemistry)

Ordering Custom Samples:

  1. Submit a hard sample for a color-match request of a color, sand blend, or chip blend (3 days to color-match and produce a drawdown for customer approval)
  2. Approval of the color-match request must be submitted.
  3. Submit a Custom sample request in a specified flooring system (3-5 days to make sample depending on the chemistry)

Regardless of standard or custom, contact your territory sales manager to order any samples or submit this form.

Rob Pacheco, Jr
Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Technical Manager

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