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January 12, 2023

Poly-Crete combats thermal shock

Thermal shock resistance is the ability of a solid to withstand sudden changes in temperature either during heating or cooling. Thermal shock resistance should be considered when choosing flooring solutions for many industries.

Consider the cleaning process at a food processing facility. The floor could be at 35°F and washed down with high-heat water at 185°F water. That 150° difference will shock the floor.

Many flooring solutions will fail in these conditions. Poly-Crete® was formulated for excellent thermal shock resistance and thermal cycling.

Poly-Crete can cycle between -100°F and 220°F without issue. (Epoxy chemistries tend to crack in these conditions.)

Poly-Crete also has a high-heat tolerance; depending on the system it can be exposed intermittently to 300°F, 350°F or 400°F.

Learn more by reading: “What is Thermal Shock Resistant Flooring?”

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