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Use a Drill Stand for Large Batches

March 19, 2018

When mixing many batches of Poly-Crete SL, a drill stand can make the mix process extremely efficient.

The drill stand we use has a low speed ranging form 300 rpm – 460 rpm with a high speed range from 400 – 620 rpm.  A programmable timer with a LCD screen on top allows you to manually program the mix time.  With dual blades that are designed to pull the material away from the sides of the bucket and creates a good vortex at 620 rpm. 

We mixed 80 kits of SL hitting our 1:30 mix time without any issue.  At one point, the mix guy would pour the Resin and Hardener in the bucket and start the drill. After 30 seconds, the second mix guy would start pouring the aggregate with the drill running and the first mix guy would start pouring the liquids up for the next mix. 

Dylan Snyder
West Technical Manager

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