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Use Design-A-Floor

February 16, 2023

corridor flooring

Design-A-Floor is an interactive tool that can assist in deciding which resinous flooring system would look best in a space. This tool works great on desktop and mobile devices.

Choose from preloaded images or snap a picture of a room, upload it, and try out the different flooring options.

Choose from Dur-A-Flex standard blends for chip and quartz, or solid colors and metallic epoxies. You can also design your own custom blend of chip or quartz floors!

Tips for using your own images:

  • Choose photos in landscape mode that show more floor space.
  • Choose an area without too many items on the floor. The image mapping tool will detect tables, chairs, columns, etc., and will do it’s best to outline them, but it does a better job with “clean” images with just floors and walls.
  • Use the Image mapping tool to make manual adjustments to clean up the auto-detected area.
  • Download the Design-A-Floor Manual for detailed instructions.

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