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Using a Hopper Gun on Vertical Surfaces

June 12, 2018

The hopper gun is a great tool for spraying vinyl chips onto vertical surfaces — I always recommend using one for our Dur-A-Wall™ VC system. The hopper gun reduces the blotchy look created by hand tossing and saves wear and tear on the body.

A few tips when using a hopper gun:

  • Maintain the pressure in the compressor at around 25-30 psi and be careful not to get too close to the wall – high pressure and/or getting too close can break the chips and make them bounce off the surface
  • Keep the nozzle attached when spraying cove
  • Remove the nozzle when spraying wall surfaces so the chips spray in a wider pattern and move the hopper in a circular pattern for a more uniform look
  • When spraying macro chips avoid filling the hopper completely as they have a tendency to clog

Bart Rinaldi
Technical Manager – South

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