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Using the Jobsite Technical Report

March 17, 2022

Use the Jobsite Technical Report for each jobsite. It is a great tool to assist you in logging all pertinent jobsite information. Conveniently log everything from lot numbers to crew size, ambient conditions to spread rates, notes and more — all in one document.  

Having all of this documented will be beneficial in later discussions of what went well on the jobsite and what you would like to have done differently. It’s also very useful if your end user comes back with any issues.

The Jobsite Technical Report could also be used as a cost savings tool. By keeping track of crew size and installation times, you can accurately track labor costs and get a better understanding of what your crew size should be for other sites. You can even use the notes section to keep track of supplies consumed, i.e. rollers, gloves, etc., and other expenses which may be helpful for estimating future jobs.

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