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Why Use a 12″ Squeegee

April 22, 2019

A 12” flat window squeegee is a great tool for applying Epoxy, Accelera and Poly-Crete over an open broadcast. The 12” width allows the squeegee to follow the undulations in the floor for an even application.

Longer squeegees will bridge across high spots, leaving the material thick in the lower spots. This is extremely important with thicker products like Accelera and Poly-Crete CF and TF Plus. These thick spots result in shiny smooth areas with little to no texture.

The soft rubber of the squeegee pushes the material down into the broadcast. This helps to achieve the recommended coverage for the material. A good squeegee application along with proper back rolling will provide a floor finish with a consistent even texture.

Bart Rinaldi
Technical Manager – South

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