Mitigating Moisture Failures

Watch to learn ways to mitigate flooring failures due to moisture!

Resinous flooring expert, Sam Sacks presents on avoiding moisture failures in resinous floors. His presentation will uncover the mysteries of how flooring systems fail from moisture vapor emissions and contaminants in or on the concrete substrate. 

Watch to learn:

  • How to identify signs of moisture in concrete
  • How to properly test concrete before installation
  • Understanding limits with different resin chemistry for flooring
  • How to specify moisture testing for resinous flooring on new and existing concrete
Sam Sacks
Sam Sacks
Northeast Regional Manager

Sam has serviced the flooring industry since 1986. Specializing in troubleshooting moisture vapor emission issues, spec writing, on-site job evaluations from surface preparation to finish details, and consultation for all aspects of a resinous flooring project.