Prescribing Flooring for Pharmaceutical Facilities

What To Look For in Flooring, and Why!

Pharmaceutical facilities, clean rooms, and laboratories have distinct needs when it comes to flooring and walls. Hear our discussion on how resinous flooring systems address these needs and why they are arguably the best choice for sterile environments. 

Dur-A-Flex Content Development Manager, Jes Grant, joins Dur-A-Flex Regional Sales Manager, Jim Wilson, and Oakridge Industries Regional Sales Manager, Eric De Rose, for an in-depth discussion on resinous flooring systems for pharmaceutical facilities.

This dynamic trio provides invaluable insights from both the manufacturer’s perspective and the experienced flooring contractor’s point of view.

Watchto learn:

  • Areas in the building for resinous flooring — and why
  • Lifetime value of resinous flooring
  • How to source and prepare for resinous flooring
  • Advice from previous pharmaceutical flooring installations
  • And more!

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Jes Grant

Jes Grant
Content Development Manager

Jim Wilson
West Regional Sales Manager

Eric De Rose
Oakridge Industries
Southwest Regional
Sales Manager