Job Summary: Chemist must have a solid background in polymer chemistry and its properties.  Formulation skills developing new products for future growth, continuous product improvement for sustainable growth and drive cost down through chemical process engineering are essential.  The candidate must be proficient in modern methods of product testing, quality, and chemical analysis in a laboratory setting, in pilot plants, full-scale production, and field testing.  In addition, he or she must be knowledgeable in additives chemistry.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. R & D
    • Innovation
      • New Product Development for existing markets
      • New Product Development for new markets
      • Existing Products for new market development
    • IP/Trade Secret protection
    • Knowledge or gain knowledge in all chemistries in the area of resinous flooring, in particular, epoxy, polyurethane, MMA, and polyurea
    • Chemist recommends and performs research assignments related to flooring system, performance, formulation, and application
    • Dedicate resources within R&D of assigned projects to Technicians
    • Make recommendation for new or modified research projects based on chemistry to support the company’s directives
    • Work on simultaneous projects
    • Design and implement lab test procedures and parameters for real-world results
    • Provide technical leadership to senior management  
  2. Process/Product/Cost Improvement in all aspect of Dur-A-Flex business
  3. Project Management through Stage Gate processes
  4. Tech Services Related
    1. Failed floor analysis
    2. Core Analysis
    3. Design experimental protocols for specification testing, floor testing etc.
  5. Technical Sales/Customers support
    1. Specification review/testing
    2. Product recommendation
    3. Jobsite traveling and training of new product launch
    4. Sales call support/closing
    5. Chemical resistant evaluation or confirmation
    6. Review SDS for floor system compatibility 
    7. SDS review and documentation support on health and safety
    8. Provide written documentation to support product claims and authentication 
    9. Technical calls beyond Tech Service expertise
  6. Marketing Support
    1. New idea/market evaluation
    2. Literature writing/support and technical data reviewing (PDS, AI, Sell Sheet)
    3. Competitor’s product evaluation
  7. Chemistry certification in support of color matching
  8. Production Support
    1. Process Engineering SOP
    2. Pilot-scale to full-scale production
    3. Health and safety of the chemical operator
    4. Formulation maintenance in Chempax (MRP system)
    5. RM MSDS maintenance
    6. Finished Goods SDS(GHS)
  9. RM/offset evaluation
  10. RM COA verification
  11. QC/QA technical support, approval, and validation 
  12. Meeting with Suppliers for pricing, new product ideas, developing partnerships etc.
  13. All other duties as assigned.


Education, Experience, Skills, and Abilities Required for Consideration as a Candidate:

  • Ph.D. in chemistry, materials science or chemical engineering with 5-10 years related experience,
  • MS degree in chemistry, materials science or chemical engineering with 8-15 years related experience
  • BS degree in chemistry, materials science or chemical engineering with 15+ years related experience.
  • Must have a solid background in organic chemistry and/or inorganic chemistry.
  • Hands-on expertise in the formulation of coatings systems, including resin choices, additive packages, and coloring techniques
  • Experience in typical R&D Stage-gate process approach
  • Expected to possess a thorough knowledge of research principles and techniques, with specialization in one or more field
  • Must be detail and accuracy oriented with good work management skills/supervisory skills
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task in a fast-paced team environment.
  • Must have computer skills/experience with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Must have strong oral and written communication and presentation skills.