Dur-A-Flex Announces New Contractor Partner in Nigeria

Dur-A-Flex, Inc., a leading manufacturer of commercial, industrial and institutional seamless flooring, today announced its newest partner, Tapeema Nigeria Limited of Aduwawa Benin City, Nigeria. Tapeema is the exclusive distributor and contractor for the supply and installation of Dur-A-Flex’s systems in Nigeria and Western Africa.

The news comes on the heels of Korean and Vietnamese partnerships that were recently announced by Dur-A-Flex. The partnerships reflect Dur-A-Flex’s expanding global presence and the increasing accessibility of its high quality and innovative product line by foreign markets.

“We are very happy to enter into this partnership with Tapeema Nigeria Limited,” says Peter V. Ferris, President and Chief Operating Officer at Dur-A-Flex. “Together, we will share our superior product line with yet another part of the world, increasing our reach to the West African market,” he concludes.

Dur-A-Flex has a strong international presence, having partnered with companies in six continents, and continues expanding by targeting partners that complement its own strengths and working closely with them to ensure a wide range of flooring systems are available to meet their customers’ unique needs.  

Tapeema Nigeria Limited is a construction company located strategically in Aduwawa Benin City providing the best in building construction, flooring, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, mechanical, panel partitioning, piping, welding/ fabrication, estate construction and management and interior wall framing.

Tapeema will offer all of Dur-A-Flex’s flooring systems including urethane, epoxy, methyl methacrylate and colored aggregates to a variety of industries. ReFLEXions, the newest in Dur-A-Flex’s lineup of decorative flooring systems and Poly-Crete® Color-Fast topcoat, part of the cementitious urethane flooring systems, top the list of products continuing their debut within the West African market. To learn more, please visit www.tapeemanigeria.com

Named one of the “Best Places to Work in CT” for the fourth time by the Hartford Business Journal-sponsored awards program, Dur-A-Flex, Inc. is a privately-held, leading manufacturer of quality epoxy, urethane, methyl methacrylate and colored aggregates offering a complete line of high performance polymer flooring and wall systems. The versatile seamless applications provide improved safety, minimal downtime and easy maintenance to all industries. To learn more about Dur-A-Flex, Inc., please visit www.dur-a-flex.com.

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